New Horizon Networks (NHN)

Sustainable, Ethical, Responsible, Profitable


NHN is your reliable and exclusive global voice wholesales partner for Burma (Myanmar) as well as Asia and Middle East regions; cloud-ready communication service partner providing bulk A2P, P2A SMS/messaging, on-demand multimedia contents, business communication APPs …


We established Right Start International Montessori School in Yangon, Burma applying Montessori philosophy and teaching method within British framework with committed team of highly qualified, passionate and dedicated local and international teachers …


Our organic & chemical free farms at Shan and Karin State of Burma has been producing seasonal fruits and vegetables for local consumers. We utilise our resources to extend our production capabilities to meet increasing demand of chemical free option and making it more affordable to every consumer local or abroad …


Our investments in small size garment contracts tailoring affordable low cost clothing for lower middle class of communities in Burma is creating new jobs for our contractors while generating profits for NHN …

About NHN

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Believe in people

Our team of young entrepreneurs has extensive local knowledge of Burma (Myanmar) as well as international experiences in telecommunications, IT, educational services, logistics, farming, trading and manufacturing.

Since 2010, Burma has been opening up to international markets in every aspect after her long struggled democratic reform stabilized the country political climate paving new business opportunities. We believe that our expertise and experiences enable us building up sustainable, ethical, responsible and profitable businesses that are beneficial to NHN as well as the country and its communities.

  • Innovative

    We thrive on innovations

  • Ethical

    We make sure every business we do is ethical

  • Responsible

    Our responsibilities are beyond our shareholders

  • Ambitious

    We are ambitious in every business venture we are in

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