July 21, 2016

Right Start Logo for Education Business of NHNProviding educational and vocational training services in Burma (Myanmar) is one of the most important arms of NHN. We established Right Start International Montessori School in Yangon, applying Maria Montessori’s philosophy and teaching method within British framework. Strongly committed team of highly qualified, passionate and dedicated local and international teachers possesses the key role in shaping our children’s future. As a saying, the foundation of every state is the education of it’s youth, being a leading Montessori in Burma is our pride and providing the best education to young learners is our contribution towards the community.

We do not only take part in early childhood education, but providing vocational training services is also our upcoming projects. We will be there for young adults to help and have a wide variety of industry knowledge and skills in which they achieve the goals set out and can progress further in their chosen careers.